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AKT Productions Limited is the UK's premier provider of theatre-based learning resources. With an unequalled track-record of delivery, AKT has been developing high quality learning and development programmes for over 15 years.

At AKT we work with our clients to create unique learning and development courses. Each training intervention is designed to the client's own specification.

In addition to skilful facilitation and tuition, we use a range of techniques such as skills practice, theatre and video to ensure that participants find learning memorable, engaging and effective.

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Fri 28 Nov 2014
AKT back in Manila

Sat 15 Nov 2014
AKT show BA safety film at GHI

Tue 14 Oct 2014
AKT in Tokyo

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AKT Business Workshops
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AKT Safety Workshops
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Safety Conversations
We are interested in all aspects of behavioural or behaviour based safety training and in sharing good practice wherever possible.

Safety Conversations
We also run Safety Conversations a website dedicated to the subject.