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Actor and cartoonist Simon Pearsall has illustrated our GDPR policy.  If you are a client or a supplier, or indeed anyone whose details we have on our system then you should have received a copy of the cartoon. If for any reason you haven’t then please let us know.  It is important that you know your rights under the regulations and are happy with the way we process your data.

AKT has spent the last few months preparing for the General Data Protection Regulations.

In early 2018 AKT upgraded its entire IT system in a project managed by IT provider Fitzrovia. All old computers were replaced with new machines and security was considerably enhanced as described below.

Cyber Essentials

A certification, accredited by GCHQ and endorsed UK government for businesses who have achieved a minimum cyber security standard, demonstrating their commitment to preventing cyber-attacks and data breaches. The process itself will prevent around 80% of cyber-attacks alone, combined with other security measures it ensures of high level of defence.

Intune Mobile Device Management

MDM ensures that devices that can access corporate data meet a minimum security standard, monitors this compliance and restricts access if a device is found to be vulnerable. It also provides a mechanism for wiping a device or removing corporate data if a device is lost or stolen, ensuring data breaches are minimised or prevented

Firewall: An enterprise grade firewall is used to prevent unauthorised access to the corporate network from attacks. It is inherently more robust than a home-style firewall as it can detect and prevent attacks whilst still maintaining a high level of productivity and quality connection

Standardised build

Windows 10 is the most secure operating system Microsoft have released and a standard build increases that security baseline by ensuring that only business critical applications are installed, reducing the overall cyber risk of user devices

Email Protection (AppRiver)

AppRiver is a comprehensive email security solution. It scans all incoming and outgoing email traffic looking for malicious files or attachments that could cause harm to business data or devices. AppRiver is a highly recommended solution used by thousands of businesses worldwide to protect them against email threats and data loss.

Open-DNS Anti Malware protection (Cisco Umbrella)

OpenDNS provides a safer and more reliable internet experience,it stops threats before they hit our network.

All internet traffic is run through Open-DNS which acts as a filter, reviewing all requests to access specific websites, and blocking them before connection if they're known to be malicious or dangerous.

This protects against phishing attacks, email scams with malicious links, and hacked legitimate websites.