Tell me and I’ll forget,
show me and I might remember,
involve me and I will learn

Marc Bolton

Welcome to AKT

AKT is one of the country’s foremost Learning and Development organisations which uses theatre-based techniques in order to create high impact, interactive, facilitated workshops. We specialise in Safety, Security, Leadership and Behavioural Skills for Business and work across the UK and internationally. In safety we help our clients look at all areas of Safety Culture, Safety Behaviours, Safety Conversations and Human Factors.

We believe that structured engagement sessions are the most effective way of learning, either face to face or online. Stories can stir up powerful emotions in people, in a way that no other training medium can achieve. AKT’s ability to create recognisable parallel worlds, where difficult and challenging issues can be safely explored, is what makes our experiential learning so successful at engaging an audience and staying with them long after the session has ended. Skillful facilitation helps the audience to reflect on their own behaviours and culture, with the scenarios moving from being a prompt for discussion to becoming a mirror which can reveal some uncomfortable truths. We are used by our clients as a stimulus to help groups reflect and plan, and ultimately go home unharmed at the end of every day.

Marc Bolton, Managing Director

AKT Productions

Meet the team

Kate Dooley

Head of Operations

Rachel Nott

Senior Project Manager

David McCaffrey

Senior Project Manager

Stephanie Barnes

Office Manager

Jo Nauman

Company Accountant

Andy Powrie


  • Safety

    AKT have worked alongside a wide range of companies and industries, including oil & gas, construction, nuclear, utilities, rail, aviation, shipping, pharmaceuticals and local government. All our plays and workshops focus on behaviour and...

  • Security

    Our security workshops begin with the premise that a healthy security culture is one in which all staff and stakeholders behave in a way that ensures commercially and nationally sensitive material is safeguarded. Our understanding of the...

  • AKT online programmes

    Wherever your workforce is located, AKT has online programmes which will suit your needs and are highly cost effective. We can also develop bespoke online programmes as required.

  • International

    AKT has delivered conferences, workshops and training throughout the world. We also have a sister company in Australia that licenses our work and delivers our programmes with impressive results. When working abroad, AKT takes great care in...

  • Business

    Our workshops have an immersive and practical approach using simulations, scenarios and skills practice to help people engage with behavioural and cultural change, and to enhance a range of essential business skills. Participants are given the...

  • Film

    Our experienced film crew has produced a wide range of projects to promote understanding and engagement for various clients in a variety of surroundings. Our film work is well-researched, dynamic and delivered at broadcast quality. As well as...

A great deal of thought goes into all our work

AKT has been developing corporate programmes, training workshops and immersive experiences since 1996. We have acquired a wealth of knowledge in various industries across the world, and we are well-versed in all forms of theatre-based learning and development. Our attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is second to none, and from first phone call to final feedback we are constantly striving to deliver the very best for our clients in terms of both quality and value for money. So whether you’re returning to work with us again or this will be the first time we’ve collaborated, we look forward to showing you why AKT’s reputation is one of the most respected in the business.