Specialists in theatre-based learning & development

Who we are

AKT Productions are learning & development specialists dedicated to providing inspiring & challenging learning opportunities using theatre based techniques.

Our aim is to help organisations to understand and explore their culture whilst identifying the key behaviours required of the target group, to move towards and maintain high performance in identified areas.

The AKT team have a wealth of experience between them and have been involved in theatre based learning & development for over 20 years. With this experience comes the knowledge to help clients design programmes that are as effective as they are interesting and thought provoking. You can meet the team below.

What we do

We offer many different and complementary services and these are delivered via individual workshops and conferences or large scale programme roll-outs.

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  • Creating a new programme

  • 1. Client briefing

    "The content, delivery and management of the production was excellent and the feedback that I have been provided with amplifies the thanks and appreciation from all departments on making what is a very important, but sometimes dry topic, very interesting, thought provoking and informative."

  • 2. Design phase

    "Thank you also for your patience and professionalism during the preparation and setup leading up to today’s session. The result spoke for itself and reached into the hearts and minds of more than 100 top leaders within our business."

  • 3. Piloting the programme

    "The cast were superb, their timing was perfect, and the drama really helped bring the table exercise to life. The script was pitch perfect for the occasion."

  • 4. Delivery

    "Everyone really enjoyed the exercise and an opportunity to find themselves in the "middle of an action". Your workshop has truly became one of the jewels in our course and it is now hard to imagine it without you and your team."

  • 5. Evaluation

    "I was cynical about the value the course would bring before the course started but now feel it delivers excellent value to the business."