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We filmed the first two Acts of our leadership programme, Deepwater, a couple of years ago at a client’s request so, as we were already filming in the greenscreen studio, it seemed like the perfect time to film Act 3 and complete the programme. The Deepwater session engages participants in the process of ‘discovered learning’ by giving them the task of deconstructing the events which unfold on film, observing and commenting on behaviours, sharing contrasting perceptions and, above all, reflecting on parallels in your own world, to ask - ‘How do we relate to this?’, ‘What does this mean to us?’, ‘How can we address the issues we recognise here that will avoid something similar happening to us?’, and ‘What do I need to do differently to change the impact I have on those around me and my culture?’. If you think the Deepwater leadership programme might be useful for your team, give us a call.