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AKT was delighted and honoured to be invited back to Oil Gas Denmark's annual 'Task Force Zero' conference again this year. The AKT team delivered an abridged version of our Shuttle programme, which looks at the losses of the Challenger and Columbia shuttles, and the decisions which lead to their tragic, and wholly avoidable, destruction. The amazing stage in the Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre provided a wonderful backdrop to the scenes, and the AV team in Denmark were, once again, outstanding, providing everything the performance needed and more. Even though the stage was big however, it was great to see that all the hard work which was done in the (vastly) smaller rehearsal room transferred beautifully to the spacious auditorium.

A special mention goes to our Head of Operations, Kate Dooley, who came out of furlough to organise the flights, PCR tests (going both ways), Fit to Fly tests, NHS Covid Passes and so much more, to ensure the AKT team left the UK and returned in a timely, safe and fuss-free manner. Thanks Kate!