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On Friday March 26th AKT delivered its first live events of 2021, and our client, their workforce and the AKT team all hugely enjoyed the experience of being back in a face to face environment. From an empty Gatwick airport we flew up to Scotland to deliver two behavioural safety workshops in a socially distanced sports hall and it felt fantastic to be physically engaging with people again. The room was enormous, echoey and absolutely freezing, and we had hail stones pounding the plastic roof for a good portion of the second event - and everyone absolutely loved it! Although online sessions are extremely useful at maintaining training during the pandemic, and will always be a part of AKT’s repertoire now, nothing compares to being able to read the room, observe someone’s body language, notice a reaction as it flashes across someone’s face and respond to it. As the restrictions ease, AKT very much hopes that more and more companies will be willing to put in the small amount of extra effort required to enable their people to engage with live actors and facilitators in their training rooms once more. As always, we will be happy to help wherever we can. AKT – Working with you to make a difference.