AKT Productions are specialists dedicated to providing inspiring & challenging learning and development using theatre based techniques.

We deliver our services via individual workshops, conferences or large-scale programme roll-outs. Some of our commissions involve bespoke workshops which are tailored to mimic the world that they inhabit - the look, sound and feel. 

Our aim is to help organisations to understand and explore their culture whilst identifying the key behaviours required of the target group, to move towards - and maintain - high performance in targeted areas.

See below for more information on the key areas in which we operate.


AKT have worked alongside a wide range of companies and industries, including oil & gas, construction, nuclear, utilities, rail, aviation, shipping, pharmaceuticals and local government. All our plays and workshops focus on behaviour and consider the impact of human factors on safety. By using a variety of methods to demonstrate & highlight the behaviours & consequences, we can take our audience to the heart of an issue quickly and effectively


Our security workshops begin with the premise that a healthy security culture is one in which all staff and stakeholders behave in a way that ensures commercially and nationally sensitive material is safeguarded. Our understanding of the complexities of building a Security Culture, the quality and impact of our work and the strong relationships that we have built with our clients ensure that our range of high impact, interactive techniques always engage and challenge the participants.

AKT online programmes

Wherever your workforce is located, AKT has online programmes which will suit your needs and are highly cost effective. We can also develop bespoke online programmes as required.


AKT has delivered conferences, workshops and training throughout the world. We also have a sister company in Australia that licenses our work and delivers our programmes with impressive results. When working abroad, AKT takes great care in engaging the right people to deliver our workshops and events.


Our workshops have an immersive and practical approach using simulations, scenarios and skills practice to help people engage with behavioural and cultural change, and to enhance a range of essential business skills. Participants are given the opportunity to practise their skills in a supportive environment and are offered feedback & coaching in a way they never can when working with colleagues.


Our experienced film crew has produced a wide range of projects to promote understanding and engagement for various clients in a variety of surroundings. Our film work is well-researched, dynamic and delivered at broadcast quality. As well as training films, we can also use interview, ‘fly-on-the-wall’ and hidden camera approaches, with dramatised and animated content as required.